Our Services

ND Power is a Swedish company (Nordic Distributed Power AB) with a subsidiary in Zambia (Nordic Distributed Power (Zambia) Ltd. ND Power have a solid understanding of Nordic energy technologies and the Zambian energy requirements. We partner with Nordic technology companies to provide modern and well tested solutions for renewable energy supply to industries, agriculture and communities in Southern Africa.

Zambia is, with tropical sunshine and vast natural resources, in a strong position to improve access to energy while, in parallel, improving management of its natural resources. ND Power work with the customer to ensure efficient utilisation of abundant sunshine and existing energy resources, such as biomass, to ensure sustainable management of the natural resources.

ND Power have renewable energy solutions for:

  • Hot water based industrial processes, such as hot leaching of copper, pasteurisation in dairy processes, heating for the brewery process etc. The heat energy for industrial processes is based on hot water from Solar Thermal collectors and biomass.
  • Electricity supply, on-grid or off-grid, depending on your requirements and local conditions, such as sunshine, biomass and/or waste materials.
  • Cooling for larger cold rooms or for ice production, based on absorption cooling, with the heat energy from Solar Thermal collectors and biomass.

ND Power can supply reliable energy and financial solutions for customers in Southern Africa. Depending on your requirements, ND Power can provide you with a turn-key solution operated by your company or an energy supply contract operated by a third-party company.

Robust design based on energy storage

ND Power technologies are based on energy from solar or biomass, with thermal storage to cover production during the night. We can provide heat energy to processing industries and/or use the stored energy to generate electricity 24/7. Our technologies can supply stable heat and electricity all year around and require minimal maintenance.