Our Partners

Our current partners that we work close with is Savosolar Oyj, Azelio AB and Againity AB.

ND Power AB has a Cooperation Agreement with Savosolar Oyj – www.savosolar.com

The Parties have entered into this Agreement in respect of co-operation in selling full turn-key solar thermal installations exclusively with Savosolar’s solar thermal collectors; ND Power and Savosolar will form a close partnership being the two lead partners with focus on the Zambian and also working in the SADC (i.e. the members states of the Southern African Development Community) markets. Savosolar and ND Power have complementary products and competences which they wish to combine in order to create synergies between the Parties in development and sales of solar collectors and turn-key solutions with focus on large scale installations.)

ND Power AB has a Cooperation Agreement with Azelio AB – www.azelio.com

ND Power and Azelio has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a small-scale project in Zambia. The installation will operate under real-world commercial terms and serve as a model for ND Power’s future installations in the Southern African region. The parties Power wish to establish and extend their business offering in the African market, with the goal for ND Power to become one of Azelio’s local partners.

ND Power AB has a Sales Representative Agreement with Againity AB – www.againity.com

Power for a new generation – with Againity With Againity’s ORC system you can use your low-grade heat for renewable and weather-independent electricity production. From waste to electricity – convert your waste heat into electricity with Againity’s ORC system. You lower your costs while contributing to a greener energy system.